Purpose Technology reflects value, customers are the most important. Mission To create most satisfactory returns for customers with our most satisfied technology. Mind Innovate technology, create market, construct harmony, achieve resplendence.
—President , Mr. Liuming Li


Tianjin Over World Non Coke Iron Making Technical Consulting Co., Ltd.(TOWCO) is consist of a lot experts and technician who self-motivates to develop China DRI career, change China metallurgy development model. TOWCO concentrates on the research of DR process, technology and equipments. Meanwhile, TOWCO also supplies technology reforming and re-generation for DRI corporations. With our technical consulting service for iron & steel and DRI corporations, TOWCO contributes his efforts to decrease CO2 discharge amount of China iron & steel industry and develop China low-carbon economy.
—President, Mr. Jiangshan Tao


Tianjin Over World Non Coke Iron Making Technical Consulting Co., Ltd. (TOWCO) is the sole consulting company majoring in non blast furnace technical consulting and market consulting. TOWCO has DRI technical consulting, technology research, project construction, industry research, market analysis, product trading etc. main service, and guide China DRI industry to develop health and fast with professional, science working spirit. TOWCO first advocates the idea DR technical consulting in China, and supply project investigation, project planning, production guiding, process reforming etc. service for DR corporations. TOWCO cooperates tightly with famous corporations, research institution, industry association etc. of DRI industry oversea and abroad, innovating DR processing to accommodate China iron & steel industry condition.