2011 China DRI industry Investment Environment report

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The research report is based on domestic experts' views and opinions in reduction iron, the main purpose is to look forward to provide advice and assistance to develop, and hope to help you in choosing reduced iron industry.

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First, the macro articles
1,2010 China's iron & steel market situation and development problem;
2, part of iron & steel enterprises merger and reorganization information, and regulatory policies in iron & steel industry;
3、Seize the opportunity to develop direct reduced iron in China.
4、China's non-blast furnace ironmaking Situation and Prospect

Second, the raw material articles
1、The relationship between Beneficiation technology and raw materials of direct reduced iron
Content:1.1 Iron ore resources in China is to meet the current needs of direct reduced iron production;
1.2 Correctly treat the relationship between grade of iron concentrate and the value of its metallurgical;
1.3 Beneficiation technology in China is a world leading technology ;

2、 2009 scrap market trends in China and the development proposal of non-blast furnace ironmaking industry
Content:2.1 The operation of China's  scrap market in the world financial crisis In 2008;
2.2 2009 China's  scrap forecast in supply and demand market;
2.3 Development proposal of non-blast furnace ironmaking industry;

Third, the production technology articles
1、Analysis On the development of coal gas-making -  shaft furnace direct reduction  in China
Content: coal-gas-making & shaft furnace direct reduction is one important way in developing DR process in China,Method of coal gas making and iron ore raw material selection are the key to the process of industrialization.Proposed direct reduction shaft furnace of coal-gas system is using good application , low-pressure gas method of coal gasification.Direct reduction shaft furnace are strict with  lump ore / pellets, Recommended selection of domestic iron ore resources through the production of high grade ore, and  specific pellet preparation ways.It is the most urgent task of development of direct reduction in the availability of resources, transportation areas  are constructed specific pellet production plant ;
2、Tianjin Pipe Reduction Iron Plant production practice in DRI;
3、China tunnel kiln direct reduced iron production status and development;
Content:Recalling the history of tunnel kiln direct reduced iron in China and abroad,Analysis of tunnel kiln technology advantages and future development;
4、Rotary hearth furnace direct reduction based on vanadium titanium complex ore technology development and comprehensive utilization of resources in the trial practice;

Fourth, the application of articles
1、Raw materials structure status and recommendations for improvement of EAF
Content:We conduct an investigation On the status of EAF material structure,typical cost of EAF enterprises and production of DRI of global.
and also interview on the use of direct reduced iron in China.We made a brief summary of today's two major gas-based direct reduction process of technological progress, and finally give some suggestions on how to use DRI in EAF.
2、Application of sponge iron in EAF steelmaking
Content:Using different coordination sponge iron into EAF for pilot study, impact on the smelting time, power consumption per ton steel, steel recovery rate and residual elements.The results show that when added with the amount of 12% sponge iron,the lowest in melting time and power consumption per ton steel, steel recovery rate up to 88%;
Since relatively pure composition of sponge iron, the amount increases more with effectively less residual elements in steel, steel quality improved significantly.
3、Application of DRI in 150t EAF
Content:For statistical analysis, when added 30-35t DRI in 150t EAF, can brought the best comprehensive economic and technical indicators,and five harmful elements to meet the technological requirements.

Fifth, energy conservation articles
1、Energy consumption analysis in Blast furnace and non-Blast-furnace ironmaking.
Content:Development such as COREX and FINEX smelting reduction technologies aim to ironmaking without coke,while still not completely free of coke.Energy consumption and CO2 emissions of smelting Reduction are higher than the blast furnace process.so,the future development of iron making process should be further careful study.
2、Energy conservation policy --- DRI development opportunities
Content:Under the background small blast furnaces should be banned in china macroeconomic policies, and domestic steel market continues growth, raw material prices continue rising,especially driven by the price of metallurgical coking coal prices rising,the price of coke keep rising,Upstream and downstream of metallurgy in China showed great enthusiasm for non-blast furnace ironmaking technology,direct reduction and smelting reduction become increasingly concerned smelting technology.

 Sixth, the industry standard articles
1、《Direct reduced iron for steelmaking》industry standards overview
Content:《Direct reduced iron for steelmaking》industry standards draft by the Tianjin Pipe Group Co., Ltd., Northeastern University and Metallurgy Research Institute of Information.

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